I’ve got very dry lips right now. It is because we are going through a stage of shushing our little darling to sleep.

At first we could only get her to sleep on us. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing your baby snuggled on daddy’s chest, but eventually if we wanted to get any sleep ourselves we realised we needed to start transferring her to her bed.

For ages we could only do this by rocking her to sleep in our arms and keeping going until she was in a deep slumber. I would stare at her little face for ages looking for signs of deep sleep. Then we would transfer her to her bed, with so much care it was like handling a small nuclear bomb, holding our breath and hoping she wouldn’t wake so the whole process would repeat again. If my husband managed it quicker than me (for me the third attempt was usually the charm) he would get a grilling as we compared techniques.  At least if I ever need a job that requires steady hands, like docking the International Space Station, I’ll have had good practice.

We tried playing white noise and womb sounds for a while. They miraculously zonked my husband out in two seconds flat, but had no effect on the baby, and I felt like I was being tortured by the CIA, so they were abandoned.

Now we can usually get away with just rocking her for a few minutes and then a bit of shushing during the transfer if she stirs is usually enough for her to drift into sleep.

However some nights she just isn’t sleepy  – reading various articles this could be because she is under tired, overtired, underfed, overfed, windy or a million different reasons – you could go mad over analysing it.  On those nights I find I have been shushing away for ten minutes and sound like a demented dying wasp with a mouth dryer than the Sahara.

It’s worth it to get her to sleep. If I read an article saying riding a unicycle whilst juggling fire would help I would probably give it a go.

I love seeing her happy and awake face during the day but I also look forwards to her bedtime. I know if she doesn’t sleep she will get upset, and equally as important it gives me a chance to grab a glass of wine, watch TV and be an adult for a short while.

So for now I’ll put up with the dry lips until this stage passes, and then I’ll be prepared to do whatever it is next that will get her to sleep,  knowing that when she gets a good nights sleep I will see her happy smiley face in the morning.

Photo courtesy of Seth Baur on Flickr (


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