Review – Baby Facilities – Point Square

Overall Score – 2 out of 5

I don’t know why, it must be the vibrations, but the second I turn the car engine off I hear the tell tale rumble that my baby needs changing – so finding good facilities near to the car park are quite vital.

I had high hopes for the Point Square as I saw a “disabled toilet / baby changing” sign right next to the car park doors – but I don’t know if it is my lack of sleep or something else but I couldn’t find them. Everywhere I went ended up in a dead end which was frustrating, as smells were starting to drift up from the pram. So ultimately I ended up changing my baby on the floor in a corner of a corridor which is far from ideal.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, it was a clean smooth floor and I was well equipped with a changing mat and bags to contain the waste until I could put it in an outside bin. It was incredibly quiet and no-one walked past throughout the whole operation so I wasn’t exposing her to the world. Although I did wonder afterwards if there was a security guard watching us on camera and wondering what the heck I was doing!

On the way back I tried the Gibson Hotel which also has direct lifts to the same car park. They have a lovely spacious disabled toilet that I could easily fit the pram in, so that was good for me, but there was no changing table for the baby which seems a shame, and unusual for a hotel.

Facility Score Comment
Overall 2/5 This is a handy place to park if coming into town through the Port Tunnel, and it’s nice and new and clean, but the facilities aren’t great, so if you can wait you are better jumping onto a Luas into town
Baby change 0/5 There were signs for baby changing facilities but I couldn’t find them, so maybe this score is unfair, but it reflects my experience.
Mummy toilets 3/5 The toilets in the Gibson Hotel are nice and clean and you can fit the pram in, but would be more handy if they were combined with baby change facilities.
Parking 4/5 Even at 10.20am on a weekday there were loads of spaces on the lower levels. I couldn’t see any designated parent spaces, but I could park right near the doors in and end of row space with easy access to doors/boot.
Breastfeeding 1/5 There are no designated facilities provided, and no benches in the shopping centre to use. If I had to feed there I would probably go to the Starbucks.

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