The likes and dislikes of a 6 month old baby

This time last year we were just starting to tell people we were pregnant, and had our first scan. From that first grainy image it was impossible to tell what she would be like, but it’s so enjoyable now finding out.

At 6 months old she’s definitely not a newborn anymore, she’s a bouncing baby. She likes bouncing up on our knees with a bit of support.

She loves being on her tummy and kicking her legs. She can’t crawl yet, but this month she has developed a way of pushing with her arms and wiggling her hips which makes her quite mobile. Last week I left her for 2 minutes and when I came back she was licking my shoe that I thought was well out of reach. Therefore this month we’ve had to make a start baby proofing the house, starting with a padded hearth cover.

We started weaning a few weeks ago and we are working our way through a range of vegetable and fruit purées. She hasn’t been wolfing them down, but we’ve had some good moments watching her facial expressions as she tries new tastes. (Read more about it here…

The last month we have enjoyed some great weather, so lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

5 month grass


  • Playing peek-a-boo. It’s a great way to get her giggling.
  • Splashing in the bath – she has really found her feet and loves kicking the water – so now we are getting a good splashing at bath time too.
  • Blowing raspberries.
  • Looking at people when out in the buggy – she’s really enjoying the more upright position, but it doesn’t have the guaranteed sophorific effect of the pram which makes daytime naps a bit harder.
  • Sweet potato and cauliflower – she doesn’t exactly love them but they have been the most successful foods she’s eaten so far (preferring them over sweeter apples and pears which was a surprise considering my sweet tooth).

5 month buggy


  • Having her face wiped clean.
  • Baby porridge (to be fair it does look pretty unappetising).
  • Not being able to move to where she wants to get to.

Current favourite toys:

  • Two teddy bears – a jelly-cat elephant and a mothercare bear. She was indifferent to them up to this month, but now loves rubbing her face on them, and she often falls asleep with one tucked under her arm (I just have to be careful it isn’t covering her face).
  • High chair suction Lamaze bug – she loves batting it back and forth.
  • SkipHop hedgehog ball
  • Cloth book of animal faces

5 month high chair

My favourite moments with her:

  • When she peeks out from under a cloth giggling and looking to initiate peek-a-boo.
  • When she eats a mouthful of food and nods her head enthusiastically.

Highlights of last month:

  • Moving from co-sleeper into the big cot – she transitioned very well.
  • First go on a swing which she enjoyed.

5 month bed

Next month:

  • We are taking our first family trip abroad to England on the ferry.
  • Our first date night out as a couple.

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