A mindful walk

Today is a slow day. I’ve no appointments to rush to, no chores to do. Instead I will go for a slow walk round town with my baby.

Mindfulness is the art of living in the now. By concentrating on what we are experiencing right now, it can calm a racing mind that’s dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

When I go for a walk with my baby it is easy to practice mindfulness, because I’m focusing on what she might be experiencing. The feel of wind on her skin, the sound of seagulls, an insect buzzing by, the sun glinting off the sea. I notice all these things much more when I am with her.

I can name them for her, and give her new vocabulary and even if she doesn’t understand me yet it feels like we are sharing the experience.

I used to dread days with nothing to do, but now I love them, and my maternity leave will soon be over so I need to make the most of them.

I’m lucky I live in a town by the seaside so there are some nice walks along the beach. The train station looks over the beach and when I was a commuter I enjoyed the view, but it was always in a rush and at a distance, so now I feel like I am getting to know the beach better.

My favourite time to go for a walk is in the morning. There is often a smell of freshly cut grass in the air, as the road down to the beach has some very well tended gardens and verges.

Overlooking the beach is a grassy area that usually has rabbits frolicking on it. It’s a great spot to feel the breeze.

Early in the summer the banks of the beach were covered in wild flowers, with lovely scents and colours.

Most days at high tide I see a seal in the harbour popping up to survey the shore. It feels like he is watching me as much as the other way round. I always knew there were seals around but I didn’t realise what regular, curious neighbours they are.

At high tide I also see and hear the fishing vessels leaving the harbour.

Recently local volunteers painted the benches along the beach, which adds a dash of colour. I now have a favourite bench to enjoy a coffee.

The people I meet are usually very pleasant. Early in the morning everyone is similar to me, taking their time and enjoying the views. It’s amazing how a few simple pleasenteries exchanged can set a positive mindframe for the day.

My town isn’t perfect (see my recent blog post about selfish parking) but on days like today when I can take a slow walk I can appreciate the good points. I’ll miss my walks with my baby when I’m back in work!

Where is your favourite place to take a mindful walk?

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21 thoughts on “A mindful walk

  1. Your town looks gorgeous you’re so lucky to live so close to the beach I’d love that! Your pictures are fab too!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  2. Love this! I’ve lived in Balbriggan on and off over 13 years but never spent as much time here as on maternity leave. It has its faults but there is a lot of good too and really the seaside is beautiful!

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  3. Sounds like a lovely afternoon and it’s so wonderful that you are being so mindful in enjoying your time with your baby. The time surely does fly by! What a blessing to be so close to the sea. I think I would never stay indoors if I had the water so close by. I love the photo of the happy park bench – it made me smile. I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your maternity leave as much as you enjoyed your walk today!

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  4. I so enjoy my days off when I can relax. I live in a small farming community, so just walking around town can be peaceful. We also have a walking/bike path that winds through town and a beautiful park just down the street from my home.

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  5. I enjoyed this. I couldn’t come up with an official comment, but I developed this paraphrase as I went along:
    “wind on her skin,
    the sound of seagull for her
    flying buzzing wonders, and
    the glint in her eyes off the sea
    I see

    I name them for her in my baby voice
    that purrs like a cat, sings like a mom does

    days of baby and me,
    an ocean of rushing love
    not like a commuter train

    better then ever this
    maternity leave

    baby take heed
    we have this joy today
    beached in love”

    Maybe I could post it as a poem? I don’t know. Maybe too much just your words.

    Oh. I thought I was the end. But there are rabbits too and wild flowers. Hmm, amazing. I’ve only seen naked white sand beaches that they’ve raked clean of all plants. The banks are concrete roads and hurricanes destroy the house every once in a while.

    Seals seem to seal the deal of joyful looking about.

    Love painted on a bench. That’s much better than plain. I’m glad to see you haven’t taken leave of your senses. Enjoyed this walk with you.

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