Review – J6 Swim

If you are looking for somewhere to take your baby swimming in Dublin in the last few weeks of the summer holidays I can recommend J6 Swim (this isn’t a sponsored post I have been there 3 times myself and really liked it so just wanted to share).

As regular readers of my blog will know (who am I kidding that’s probably just my mum and husband) I really enjoy swimming classes with my baby. You can find my tips here…

Over the summer I wanted to keep going so I decided to give J6 Swim a try. As the name suggests it’s right on the M50 junction so handy to get to, although I must admit I missed the entrance the first time I went, and had to do a dodgy u-turn.

It’s only a small pool but they limit entry to 10 spots, so there’s always plenty of room. The online booking system allows you to pick a 45 minute slot, and I’ve looked in the morning and found availability for the same day.

The water is nice and warm, and there are steps into it, which is handy when holding a wriggly baby.

There’s always a lifeguard on duty paying close attention, and he’ll also point out where the pool toys are kept to newcomers.

There are dedicated changing rooms, and they include some nice touches like padded changing mats, and a playpen if you need to contain a crawler while you get changed.

The only thing I am not keen on is the showers. They are the type where you push a button to get a ten second spray of water at a variety of temperatures. It’s very hard to keep ducking in and out with a baby. However the sinks have plugs and are a nice soft shape, so I could rinse by baby in the sink.

Outside there’s a couple of places to get coffee after.

I think once term starts the open swims will cease and the pool will be used for classes, but hopefully you can squeeze in a quick session before the end of summer if you fancy it.

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