A tangle of wires

I’m feeling proud of myself today. When my baby was napping I installed a new broadband router.

Maybe it’s a sign I’ve been watching too much Hey Duggee! but I feel like I should get a badge, but instead I’ll just tell you about it.

We are switching broadband providers so I needed to install a new router. This should have been a simple job of plugging out one and plugging in the other. But I decided to make life difficult for myself and move the sky box, dvd player and hive control to a higher shelf at the same time. Our little girl has been a bit obsessed with touching the sky box this week, so it was time to get my baby proofing groove on.

I had to pull out all the wires, move everything and find what wires went back in where. Of course to make it more fun they all look so damn similar.

Once I pulled out the stand I realised how much fluff and dead spiders there were hiding so as I was contorting to get the wires in I also had to hoover up behind there.

Then I had to tidy up and make extra sure there were no tags lying around for little fingers to find.

It doesn’t sound much, but all this was against the clock before my baby awoke, hence the fact it felt like I’d really achieved something.

It’s only a temporary solution, in a few weeks she will probably be able to pull herself up to reach the top shelf and be back at the sky box, but I will worry about that then.

Right I’m in the baby proofing mood now…what else can I do?

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