The likes and dislikes of a 7 month old baby

Milestone 7 month card surrounded by stacking cups, teething hand, toy mobile phone and rain maker toys
A selection of favourite toys

It must be very frustrating being a seven month old baby. My little girl knows what she wants, and is getting independent, but can’t quite do things on her own yet.

She is on the cusp of crawling, and can get up on her hands and knees, but can’t move like that yet. Despite that she can still move around by rolling and wriggling. This month we got her a new padded floor mat, and the shiny surface really helped her speed about. She loves exploring different parts of the room that were previously unaccessible.

7 month baby staring down at play mat
Fascinated with the pattern on her new mat

She particularly makes a beeline for a stacked cup tower and just loves knocking it down. The cups roll around in semi circles and she chases them across the floor. They are perfect for encouraging movement because they don’t roll too far. Another toy that really encourages movement is a rain tower that makes a noise when pushed over, and always rolls just out of reach.

Weaning is going well, and she insists on holding the spoon in her hand and guiding it into her mouth. She doesn’t quite have the manual dexterity to feed herself though so I need to help, and that means things can get messy. Her manual dexterity is improving very quickly and she can now hold finger foods, and guide them to her mouth, and it is great watching her pass them from hand to hand exploring the different textures.

7 month weaning baby in highchair holding spoon
Enjoying some yoghurt – don’t take my spoon!
7 month weaning baby in highchair face covered in yoghurt
Weaning getting messy – how did that food get there?

She has become really aware of her ability to make sounds. She is babbling and blowing raspberries. She has a set of teething rings that Nana bought her. They are great to chew on, even better to rattle, and best of all she has worked out if she wacks them off the coffee table they make a really loud noise, much to her delight. A toy mobile phone that makes noises is also quickly becoming a firm favourite, although she still reaches for my phone too.

7 month old baby in colourful material tunnel
Exploring new environments


  • Blowing raspberries.
  • Wacking plastic toys off the coffee table or floor to make noise.
  • Knocking things down.
  • Favourite foods now are cauliflower cheese (Ella’s Kitchen), leek and mushroom risotto (own recipe) and chicken and ratatouille (own recipe).


  • Mango, melon and raspberries.
  • Not being allowed to play with my glasses.

Current favourite toys:

  • Ikea stacking cups
  • Fischer-Price mobile phone
  • Early Learning Centre rain maker
  • Teething hands to chew on
  • Chicco comforter

My favourite moments with her:

  • She has started showing more of an interest when I read to her and looks at the pictures, rather than just trying to chew the book. She particularly likes touch and feel books.
7 month baby in mother's arms wearing sailor dress
Ready for her cousin’s party

Highlights of last month:

Next month:

  • I’m not looking forwards to it but I need to start replacing daytime breastmilk feeds, to get her ready for going to creche, but hopefully we will get some fun days out together too.

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