Fall Tag


Thanks to Louise for tagging me in this year’s Fall Tag. Check out her blog here…https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/59835097

I’m not sure who started it, but it is a fun new autumn tradition to find out a bit more our fellow bloggers by answering a few seasonal questions…and then spreading the love.

I was a bit surprised to be tagged, because it’s no secret this isn’t my favourite season – what’s the equivalent of a bah-humbug for Halloween? – well that’s me!
1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?
I usually associate christmas with candles rather than fall, but this year I found a Black Salt Toffee candle that smells divine, so I can’t wait to light that one cold evening.

2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?
Honestly, walking to work in the dark, trains delayed by leaves on the line, annoying fireworks in the street and hoping there isn’t dog poo on the pavement hidden by wet slippy leaves.

However I do love forest walks and the beautiful tree colours, so it’s not all bad.

3. What is your all time favorite fall/Halloween movie?
I don’t know if it is a Halloween movie but Lost Boys is my favourite scary movie.
4. What Halloween costume do you have in mind?
It’s my first Halloween as a mum so I couldn’t resist a little pumpkin outfit for my favourite little pumpkin.

5. What is your favorite fall trend?
Big boots, leggings and chunky sweaters (and not needing to shave legs as often).
Also the home trend of carving pumpkins. I don’t like bought decorations, but I like homemade ones. For the last few years it’s been a great way to unleash some creativity. It’s a mucky tough job, better than a lot of gym workouts but I love the satisfaction when it is lit for the first time.

6. When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?

Spiced apple cider. There used to be a great stand selling it in Edinburgh when I lived there, but I’ve no idea where I’d get some now.

7. What is your go to fall beauty product? A must have staple!
Kiehl’s intensive face moisturizer and lashings of hand cream. Also some gold glittery eye shadow for nights out.
8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?
We don’t really get great eating pumpkins here so I would go for apple with plenty of custard.
9. Do you have any fall traditions? If so tell us all about it!
As a kid I absolutely loved the town organised bonfires and fireworks. When my little girl is a bit older I’m really looking forward to taking her, and I hope it can become our tradition.
10. The moment of truth, is fall your favorite season?
Err no definitely not! All your lovely blog posts have made me appreciate the beauty of the season, and I can get behind any excuse to snuggle up and drink hot chocolate. However spring is still my favourite season.
Now it’s your turn….

I always feel lots of pressure nominating people…what if they didn’t want it…but I am going to pick a few writers I admire and I won’t be offended if they choose to pass.





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