The girl in the sparkly sleeves

I went to a gig recently and had an amazing time but a girl in the front row with sparkly sleeves got me thinking about my clothing choices.

The gig was Suede in the Bord Gais theatre. Brett Anderson never seems to age and put on a great performance, but as he was singing So Young I couldn’t help thinking the audience (me included) are mainly showing our age with our sensible clothes.

It was my first night out with a friend since having my baby 8 months ago. It had been booked for ages and I was looking forward to it. For the first time in ages I could wear what I wanted without having to think about breastfeeding access, and I ended up automatically going for an outfit I would have worn frequently a few years ago – black leggings and a satin blue paisley tunic top. It was comfy, reasonably smart but still casual, and on the whole pretty unremarkable.

After a welcome couple of beers, the opening sequence had an ethereal quality with the band backlit and silhouetted against a gauzy screen. It was a seated gig, but the first few rows rushed to the stage and pushed their hands up the screen, to be rewarded with a touch from the other side. Against the lighting all the arms were black and shadowy, except one person’s whose gold sparkly sleeves shimmered in the dark. I don’t know if those arms belonged to a lady or a man, but I found myself entranced by them.

Generally I don’t wear bright clothes. I prefer to blend into a crowd. I think this stems from school when being different wasn’t a good thing. Even when we stopped having to wear uniform everyone seemed to wear the same things. Even now my preference is for neutral grey, black and navy.

However there is something about becoming a mum that now gives me a bit more confidence in my body. I’ve pushed a baby out of it, I can do amazing things and I’m proud of it. So maybe next time I go shopping I won’t automatically dismiss the colourful and shiny.

Maybe next time I can be the girl in the sparkly sleeves, albeit from a comfy seat at the back, because unlike Brett we can’t stay young forever.


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7 thoughts on “The girl in the sparkly sleeves

  1. Oooo please do go shopping and please do pick out that top with the shiny sleeves….. and show us!

    It’s funny isn’t it? I didn’t start enjohing fashion until after I had kids really and now, that number four wasn’t pushed out…. he was cut out I’ve lost all faith in my body and forgotten to treat it to sparkly things… maybe I should also?


  2. Oo Suede! That’s a blast from the past. My brother’s first job was a petrol attendant at our village garage and he put petrol in the lead singer’s car 😂
    I love that you feel more body confident since having children. I think I’m more of a blender in now since having children 🤦🏻‍♀️

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