Book Review – Author Taffy Thomas

Two free children’s books, it seems too good to be true right?

Well no, not necessarily, in the competitive world of children’s books there are lots of good authors who struggle to get published. So author Taffy Thomas has taken the bold step of making his first two books available for free. All you have to do is comment on his Facebook page and you’ll be sent a copy to download via messenger…

When I heard about this I was a bit sceptical about what they would be like. I was expecting something a bit amateurish, but I love reading and want my baby to grow up with a love of books, so I try to read to her everyday, so I decided I had nothing to lose by trying them.

The first book is called The Hullabaloo. It’s 4 pages long, and consists of 16 verses of 4 lines.

I was immediately impressed with the writing, it is all written in rhyme and just rolls off the tongue so I enjoyed reading it.

It’s also got a great moral message about friendship, so it’s great subject material for sharing with a child.

It’s a book that I’d really like to see properly published over 26 board pages with full illustrations. Then I can really see me reading it regularly to my baby.

As it is, she is too young to understand the words when I’m reading. She just likes the rythym and looking at pictures, so for now it’s not a book she can concentrate on for the length of the story, with it’s blank pages, but I’ll be keeping it for when she is older.

The second book is A Wizard Called Dave. Again it has a powerful message about not judging people based on experience. The language is lovely and it’s a joy to read.

It’s the same length, but this time in collaboration with Louise Rabey each of the four pages is illustrated, so children have something to look at as you read.

I would still prefer a board book printed format, and I can picture it with textured glitter pages (like some of the Julia Donaldson books we have).

For his next book Taffy Thomas has announced his followers will have input into the story, so if you aren’t following him already now is a good time to start.

I think this author is very talented, and with his flair for marketing I think he will go far. I really hope his books get spotted by a publisher and get printed in the format they deserve, but regardless I will be hanging onto my electronic copies and reading them to my daughter as she gets older.

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