Likes and dislikes of a 9 month old

It’s been 2 months since I did an update post, because last month was very busy with crèche induction and me going back to work. The good news is that all went fairly smoothly. My baby girl is loving her time in crèche and being with the other older babies is really helping her develop as she copies the others.

Since the last update my baby has come on in leaps and bounds quite literally.

She has mastered crawling and speeds round now. She can get herself into a sitting position and looks so proud of herself. From there she has a new vantage point and suddenly has an interest in seeing what is up higher on shelves and tables.

She loves pulling herself up to standing to get a better view, but her legs still can’t hold her for long, so we’ve had a few bumped heads.

She’s also really enjoying being read to, and likes looking at the pictures.


  • Food (pretty much everything)
  • Climbing on Daddy
  • Playing hide and seek around the furniture
  • Opening drawers
  • Tickles


  • Having nose wiped (which has been challenging as she has had a cold)
  • Closed doors

Current favourite toys:

  • Fischer Price shape sorter
  • Activity pyramid
  • Books (especially touch and feel or ones with flaps)

My favourite time with her:

  • Coming home from work and seeing her look up to see me

Highlights of last months:

  • Dressing up for Halloween
  • How well she adapted to crèche

Next month:

She currently has bronchiolitis so really looking forward to her recovering from that so we can go out for walks again.

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