New uses for nipple balm

After the tough first few weeks of breastfeeding I was left with a huge stash of multiple brands of nipple balm, as I searched for the perfect one. I was like Goldilocks – too thick, too thin, too sticky – nothing was the miracle I was looking for.

That stuff wasn’t cheap, so now I am finding new ways to use it up…and it really is a wonder product even if not for there anything it can’t do?

I’ve been using it for ages as lip balm and it’s very effective.

Last month I put it on my baby’s chin to protect her skin from teething drool. I figured if it doesn’t need to be washed off nipples that go in a baby’s mouth, it is probably safer than moisturizer in case she rubs it on her hands and sucks them (which she does a million times a minute). It worked wonders, and the redness cleared up overnight.

Buoyed by that success I used it again when she had a cold to protect against snot.

Then last night I started using it on my own nose, to protect it from chafing of tissues. Nothing is less fun than blowing my nose when it feels like you’re using sandpaper. This morning my nose is good as new.

Now I just need to work out how I can keep using it, without anyone in public seeing the label. Nothing makes a conversation more awkward than the word nipple!

Have you found any other good uses?

One thought on “New uses for nipple balm

  1. I’m not a mother (yet!) so I don’t know much about nipple balm but this post will be useful for mothers I’m sure! It’s cool that there’s multiple uses which a lot of people wouldn’t even think of xx


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