Christmas Tag

Thanks to Louise for tagging me to answer a few Christmas Tag questions – click here to see her answers.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

I love the twinkly lights, the food and how town just seems a merrier place. I especially love spending time with family and friends, especially those I don’t see often during the year.

What movies do you like to watch at this time of year?

It’s the only time of year I really love to watch kid’s movies. I love the Wallace & Gromit movies, The Snowman, Gremlins and Elf.

Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

I used to help out in a teashop during a busy Christmas market, and after a few days of non-stop Christmas songs I was sick of them. I don’t know how retail staff do it for the whole month of December. Now I do find I like them a lot more, they are just so catchy you can’t help singing them. My favourite is Last Christmas by Wham! I used to think the idea of spending the holiday with friends in a ski chalet was the peak of sophistication.

Do you have a Christmas tradition?

I wrote a post about this recently, because as a new family we are still figuring out what our traditions will be…but I know they won’t involve brussels sprouts.

Do you have a Christmas outfit?

No I usually just wear something comfy, with a nice loose waistband to squeeze extra helpings of pudding in, especially as I usually end up sitting on the floor when we run out of seats.

This year for the first time I have got new Christmas pyjamas for me and my baby, not quite matching but nearly, so I’m looking forward to wearing them on Christmas morning.

Next up I tag:

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