Likes and dislikes of an 11 month old

My baby turned 11 months old this week, and even though it’s not a significant milestone I can’t help feeling amazed that next month we’ll be counting in years not months.

11 months card

It’s a great age because she seems to be on the cusp of so many things like walking and talking, so we’re constantly watching her to spot these significant first moments.

We have to watch her all the time now anyway, because she is very mobile. This month she mastered climbing the stairs and now charges up. She is also much more steady on her feet so she’s exploring how high she can reach, so shelves that I was sure were out of reach are fair game. Last week she even maneuvered a box under a shelf to give her better height, so we have to be alert for falling potential.

She has four teeth and another two just coming through, which makes her look like a cute little beaver, but it’s a bit like russian roulette breastfeeding not knowing whether I’ll get a little nip.

Feeding is going well, and she loves her food, and has a very satisfied look when she has a rice cake in her hand.

11 months rice cake

She is getting very independent so doesn’t like being fed with a spoon, so meal times can get a bit messy, unless we stick to food she can eat with her hands. On Christmas day she really enjoyed tucking into roast potatoes, brussels sprouts and parsnips.

It makes it easier to be spontaneous, because if we go out for lunch somewhere there is usually something on the menu we can find that she will happily tuck into, so we don’t need to have brought specially prepared foods with us.

Christmas was a lovely time with her. We went to visit Santa at a local castle, and then Santa came to visit the creche. Both times she didn’t cry. She really enjoyed all the attention at family gatherings, and even if she didn’t really understand the concept of presents she liked having new things to play with.

11 month christmas

She got some great toys for Christmas and is especially liking her Minnie Mouse Ride-On and chasing balls around the floor, although what is less fun for us is constantly fishing them out from under the furniture.

For ages one of her favourite toys was a Fischer Price Shape Sorter but up to now she just liked dumping out the shapes. Now she also likes putting them back in the bucket, and has even started to get the hang of putting them through the slots.

To be honest though toys aren’t her favourite distraction right now. She likes exploring, standing and pulling things out the kitchen cupboards much more.

11 months kithcen

She’s getting very expressive with her hands, and now waves hello and goodbye to me and Daddy which feels amazing. She is clapping lots and also pointing to things that interest her.


  • Food (especially toast)
  • Getting swung in the air by Daddy
  • Climbing stairs
  • Emptying things off shelves
  • Splashing in the bath


  • Lying down, which makes clothes changes a challenge, it’s like dressing a wriggly crocodile in a death roll

Current favourite toys:

  • Fischer Price shape sorter
  • Minnie Mouse Ride On
  • Plastic balls

My favourite time with her:

  • She’s started pretending to pass me things and then pulling them away before I take them, which she finds so funny. Then when I do it back to her she finds it hilarious. I love being able to make her laugh.

Highlights of last month:

  • Christmas
  • First time climbing our stairs all the way up
  • First wave

Next month:

  • Buying her first pair of shoes
  • Visit from Nana and Grandad
  • First birthday


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