Sensory jelly play attempts

I’m definitely the sort of mum that gets over enthusiastic about an idea I’ve seen on Pinterest, but when I attempt it the results are a little unpredictable. This week it was jelly play, which was less messy play and more just messy.

I’d read how great sensory play is for development because it introduces babies to new sensations and experiences. Basically sensory play is a very loose definition it really just means anything that feels, sounds or tastes a little different to normal. If dinner time gets a little too hands on and messy I cheekily call it sensory play, but on a wet weekend I wanted to try something different.

On Pinterest there’s lots of ideas for making slime, sand, paint etc, but as everything goes in her mouth I wanted something that wouldn’t matter if a bit got ingested, so I was drawn to the pictures of happy babies digging in jelly.

The first time I tried it a few months ago I used Hartleys sugar free orange jelly and mixed it as per the packet instructions. I poured it into a baking tray along with some plastic toys, teething rings and spoons to dig out.

The resulting jelly was quite firm, so when I put it in front of my baby (on an oil skin table cloth on the floor) she prodded at it a few times but looked pretty uninterested. I was way more excited than she was.

I broke the surface and half dug out a spoon, and then she pulled at a few more things, but she pretty quickly lost interest again. I ended up eating most of the jelly, so it wasn’t completely wasted.

Last week it was particularly cold and wet, and she also had a bit of a cold, so I decided to try again now she is older. This time I used Chivers raspberry jelly. This gave a much more loose textured jelly that broke up easily.

This time she dived right in and pulled things out straight away, and when they went in her mouth (as everything does) she realised she quite liked the taste. The play was abandoned as she shovelled handfuls of jelly into her mouth with gusto.

She was so enthusiastic she grabbed the container to raise it to her mouth to cut out the necessity for hands. The jelly cascaded onto the floor and over her legs. She was delighted. The towel underneath caught a lot of it but as she brandished a spoon there was a splatter across the room.

I’d bought sugar free jelly so it didn’t matter if she ate a bit, but I hadn’t counted on her trying to eat a whole pint of jelly. I was just on the verge of taking it away when she decided she’d had enough. Just as quickly as she’d started eating she lost interest and made a break to crawl up the stairs trailing jelly in her wake.

I picked her up before the floor became a wet slippy mess, and stripped off her clothes and we decided it was early bath time.

So would I do it again? Yes! It’s a very cheap way to keep a baby entertained for half an hour. I might not have the Pinterest perfect images, but she enjoyed herself. She also got to experience something new. If I do it again I will probably just adjust the texture of the jelly a little, and do it directly before she’s due a bath.

Now I’ve just got to go hunt for any errant jelly splatters I missed.

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12 thoughts on “Sensory jelly play attempts

  1. Brilliant, looks like she had a blast. I never quite managed the whole messy play thing, living with my inlaws at the time meant I was paranoid about keeping everything clean! Thanks for sharing #twinklytuesday


  2. This has made me laugh so much, epecially when you said you ended up eating the jelly!! It looked like she enjoyed it but you’re a lot braver than me…I think I would have tipped the jelly into the bath and sat her in it!! Well done mummy, if you want to chat about failed Pinterest birthday cakes…I’m your woman! #TwinklyTuesday


  3. I love this idea. I have an 18 month old boy and I always run out of ideas for things to entertain him, especially when its cold and wet outside.
    I have looked on Pinterest too but I don’t fancy getting too dirty or having sand all over the floor. Jelly is perfect plus we can eat it!!


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