40 things I’ve done at 40

Today is my big 40th birthday, so rather than focusing on a bucket list of things I still need to do I wanted to celebrate the cool things I’ve already done.

So here is a list, in no particular order, of 40 things I’ve done. Some are achievements and some are things that just happened to me. Some are good and some are bad…but they’ve all shaped who I am…

What do you think, are there any you would add to your own list, or are there any must have experiences I’ve missed? Do any of them surprise you?

1. Had a baby

2. Got married

3. Bought an apartment

4. Graduated from University (Masters in Chemistry)

5. Kissed the Blarney Stone

6. Swam with dolphins

7. Slept under the stars (with no tent)

8. Been in an earthquake

9. Went to music festivals (several)

10. Danced on stage to an audience

11. Slept on a sailing boat

12. Visited the Taj Mahal

India 083

13. Watched the sun set over Ayers Rock

14. Organised a fundraising fete for charity

15. Ate from a Moroccan street market (and got food poisoning)

16. Did a tandem skydive

17. Eaten a frog (caught and cooked in a jungle)

18. Went white water rafting (and still have a scar to show for it)

19. Tried sea diving at a coral reef

20. Watched a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral

21. Saw a musical on Broadway

22. Went on a ski holiday (wasn’t very talented at it but loved the after ski drinks with my friend)

23. Walked a section of the Camino de Santiago

24. Swan in a geothermal waterfall

25. Abseiled into a glow worm cave

26. Walked on a glacier

27. Visited the lost city at Petra in Jordan


28. Learnt to play cello

29. Swam in Red Sea, Dead Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and the North Sea

30. Climbed a volcano

31. Traveled to 3 continents on my own

32. Danced on a table at Oktoberfest in Munich


33. Did a diploma in Psychology (fascinating topic would love to study it more)

34. Learnt a foreign language (French and Spanish but would love to be more fluent)

35. Accepted an award on stage (Irish Health are Centre of the Year)

36. Cooked a family Christmas dinner

37. Went to Disney World

38. Traveled overseas with friends to a rugby game

39. Drank blueberry beer in Maine

40. Fell in love


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