5 Board Books We Are Reading

As someone who loves books, and can’t even turn down the corner of pages, my heart sank a little last week when we had our first ripped page.

It was completely an accident, but some over excited nursery rhyme reading resulted in an impatient baby turning the page a little too enthusiastically, and was a timely reminder that for now we better stick to board books.

Baby hand holding page ripped from book

Board books have stiff cardboard pages that little fingers can turn, and also have the added advantage of being wipe clean so they are perfect for babies and toddlers. So here are our current 5 favourite board books at 12 months old.

5 Board Books laid on wooden floor

1. Where Does Pig Live by Roger Priddy

This is a charming tour of the farmyard helping pig find his home. It introduces lots of animals with plenty of opportunities to imitate their noises. It has big thick flaps that my girl loves lifting, and slide and reveal panels that are sturdy. It’s definitely her favourite book right now.

Open book with lifted flaps and farm animals

2. Fox’s Socks by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Part of the Tales of Acorn Wood series this is another lift the flap book as Fox searches for his socks. Some of the flaps are a little tricky for little fingers to open, and she can get a bit frustrated, so she needs some help, but it’s a lovely book to read together.

Open book with a fox looking under a mat for a hat

3. Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton

I can’t read this book without yawning, so it’s a favourite of mine at bedtime. It’s tells the story of Little Bear who doesn’t think he is sleepy, and wants to play with the other animals, until sleep catches up with him. The illustrations are lovely, with a very modern feel. Each animal has different sized illustrations and text depending on size so you can’t help but do different voices for all the different animal yawning noises, which my girl loves.

Open book with bright pages

4. Peepo! by Janet and Alan Ahlberg

This is a classic from my childhood. I thought the pictures might be a bit too detailed for my baby, but she enjoys looking through the peep holes. Sometimes she gets a bit impatient and prefers turning the pages to reading the rhymes, but I think this book will be one she will continue to like as she gets older.

Open book page with detailed drawing of a park

5. Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field

This is a sound book, with a button to press on each page with the voice of David Mitchell shouting Oi, which is fun. The pages are bright and colourful with not too many words, so it’s a good book for reading during the day.

Bright yellow book page with sound buzzer

So that’s our current 5 favourite board books… What are yours?

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