Review – Newgrange Farm

Newgrange in Co Meath is most renowned for the megalithic monuments, but nestled in the shade of the ancient tombs is another attraction I had never visited before until last week – Newgrange Farm.

Sheep and lambs in field in front of tomb
Photo from Newgrange Farm gallery

It was a beautiful spring day as we drove through the green countryside, and as we arrived at the farm we were greeted by a lovely lady who told us about the farm and took payment. It was 8 euro per adult and free for our one year old.

We were given a map and some safety instructions as it is a working farm. They were all pretty much common sense but good to be reminded. The main precaution is plenty of handwashing and there were plentiful sinks provided.

Map and toy sheep

We headed straight for the courtyard where there are animals that can be touched under the watchful supervision of the young enthusiastic staff. To be honest I grew up in a rural area, and I don’t remember being that close to a lamb or chick before.

Six yellow chicks
Photo from Newgrange Farm gallery

My little girl was intrigued by the animals but didn’t seem keen on touching them, even when the soft rabbits nuzzled into her.

She really enjoyed watching the chickens which you can feed.

There’s also a big pasture where you can see calves, lambs, goats and donkeys in the fields. It’s been such a rainy winter that it was a lovely walk in the sunshine.

Sheep and lambs in a field

After that we went into the lambing sheds, which are basically a large maternity ward right now for the farms 300 herd of sheep. We didn’t see any actually being born, but if we’d had time to wait around I’m sure we would have. We did see some newborn lambs just testing out their wobbly legs for the first time.

For older children there’s also some other fun activities like sand and water play areas, and tractor car racing.

Mum and toddler on vintage tractor

There’s also a cafe that does tea and filter coffee but the food selection wasn’t that impressive. If I was going again I would bring a picnic for one of their 3 picnic areas.

So will I come again? Definitely yes!

The farm pig was currently pregnant so I’d love to come back and see the 10 little piglets in the summer. They also do sheep races on Sundays which sound great fun.

For my baby she didn’t really understand what was going on, but it was a great sensory experience with lots of new sights and smells. She was fascinated by everything and loved looking at the animals. I’d love her to grow up with an appreciation of the countryside so I hope we will bring her when she’s a bit older and can help feed the lambs.

For more information visit:

(Note:I have no affiliation to this venue and this is just my review based on my experience)

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