Nappy change fun

There’s a short promotional video for Bepanthan that tells you how to change a nappy, that has me scoff laughing right now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great video. It’s cute and helpful, and as a new first time mum I would have found it very helpful, so I was a bit more prepared for my first nappy change experience which I shared previously here…

The thing that has me laughing is the images of the smiling baby laying perfectly still even when the parent lets go to do up the nappy. That bears little resemblance to my experience right now of changing a 1 year old.

Changing a 1 year old is like wrestling a greased alligator. You need at least 6 arms. Where’s the video for that?

If I let her go for a second she’s off crawling away at speed, and I just get a glimpse of her little bare bottom disappearing round the door frame.

If I keep hold she does a backward plank so her elevated body faces one way and her head the other. It’s like a cross between yoga and the exorcist, and I’m worried I’ll hurt her trying to get her to lie flat.

Most of the time I’ve just accepted she won’t lie still and I let her stand up while I chase her round with wipes and nappy, and she smiles and giggles at the fun of it.

Toddler in vest standing peering into bath

Running away from a nappy change

I’m a big fan of Bepanthan. We tried a few nappy barrier creams in the beginning but I liked the consistency of it the best, not too sticky but thick enough to give a good protective covering layer. It goes on white and dries to give a clear layer, that is really effective in stopping redness. We were lucky and so far she’s not had bad nappy rash.

I used it assiduously at every nappy change, but now my toddler is as likely to try and grab the tube and try to eat it, so it’s one extra thing I need more hands to keep out her way. Therefore now it’s a quick smear if I get the chance, but it still seems to work.

Toddler on changing mat holding tube

The innocent face as she surreptitiously opens the Bepanthan tube

I’m hoping that as she gets older she might start to understand my pleas for her to stay still (wishful thinking huh?), but in the meantime I’d love a video with some tips for changing a toddler, or an extra pair of hands.

Have you any tips to share?

(Note: this post is not sponsored or affiliated with Bepanthan in any way)

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14 thoughts on “Nappy change fun

  1. I’ll check out all the vids in a moment but just picturing the “picture perfect” moment as nothing like me trying to change my lad… basically holding his legs down with my abdomen while he kicks around my nether region and tries to punch his way out too.

    Every. Single. Time… 🙄

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  2. I totally get this! I currently have twins in nappies and it’s such a pain in the arse (literally!) It sounds absolutely ridiculous but I actually couldn’t change one of their nappies this morning because they were wriggling, writhing, kicking, screaming, rolling, running away! It was driving me mad. Thanks for linking up to #ItsOK

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  3. My 22 month old has decided it’s best to lie on his tummy for a nappy change, and when I try and roll him over it becomes a game and he goes running!!! Definitely not for the faint hearted. Those nappies can be hazards! 🙂 #itsok

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