Laundry joy

This is a sight that always make me smile. I walk in the kitchen and see all the colourful little baby clothes, and it reminds me that our house is now a more colourful place with her in it.

It’s amazing how much laundry one little girl can generate, but with all the food spills and other unmentionable stains it’s a lot.

I can see why never ending laundry pile jokes are so pertinent, but it’s actually the one household chore I quite enjoy. I like sorting and hanging out washing. It’s also one I can get done with my toddler around, as she likes “helping”. Often this involves putting clothes I’m trying to take out back in the machine, or climbing in the tumble dryer, but she makes it fun.

If only I could find a few more household chores she could add some fun to. Have you got any that you secretly enjoy?

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