Good Friday

We had an excellent Good Friday this year. The sun was shining (which considering it was hailing last week is pretty good in itself). We went for a lovely walk in the park and had lunch in a cafe, then a few drinks in the pub in the afternoon – but which of those activities do you think our 14 month old girl enjoyed best?

After a few weekends of rainy weather we were keen to get out and try the new Smoby trike we had bought, so we headed to Malahide Castle Demesne which has plenty of flat paths and grassy areas.

Our little girl could reach the pedals but not turn them all the way round so she was a bit slumped in the seat, but really enjoyed the different perspective it gave her compared to the pram. She was smiling at everyone passing by and clapping with glee.

Going round corners I was a bit worried she might fall out the seat but she held onto the handle bars and really seemed to like the bright colours on the trike.

We ended up walking about 5km and a few times we stopped and took her out the trike to check she wasn’t uncomfortable, but she just climbed right back on keen to keep going.

At one point she kept twisting round so we took her out and she really enjoyed walking and pushing it along instead, so it kept her entertained in multiple ways.

Overall the trike was a success and definitely a fun alternative to the pram, because she felt more involved in the outing.

After the park we went to Garden House Cafe, which is a firm favourite, and does the best potato rosti with eggs, avocado and salsa. I’d forgotten to bring her bib and plastic plate, but she ate some of my food off a side plate without breaking it so that was good. She was also most amused by a teaspoon and small pot of cream and loved practicing getting it in (or near) her mouth.

In the afternoon we headed out to the local pub for a couple of drinks, which is a pretty novel thing for us to do.

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter and for Catholics it is tradionally a day of abstinence, so people don’t eat meat or drink alcohol. In Ireland for years this was enforced with all the pubs and bottle shops closed. It wasn’t unusual to see forlorn stag parties wandering round Dublin wondering what to do while the best man hung his head in shame for not knowing he was inadvertently organising an alcohol free trip.

For non-believers it actually became renowned for house parties and the queues the day before to buy alcohol were astounding, which was a bit unfortunate. So eventually the government relented and the pubs were allowed to open from open last year.

Luckily this hasn’t meant it has turned into a big drinking day and the pubs were nice and quiet, so we took the chance to go to our local for one drink. Our little girl absolutely loved it. Within minutes she was playing peekaboo and blowing kisses to a man at the bar. She was content to sit on our knees, as long as she could look around at the tables of other families. As she was having such fun we stayed for a second drink, and it was a lovely relaxing hour.

Then it was home and bedtime for her. She’d had a busy day and was tired. It’s hard to tell what her favourite activity was, but like a true little Irish girl she loved the pub. So overall a good Good Friday!

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