Review – Baby Towels

My top tip for a successful baby bathtime is get the biggest fluffiest towel you can find – and right now my favourite is from The White Company.

My baby has always loved having a bath, she enjoys splashing and playing with floaty toys. However the drying and dressing process has always been a bit fraught.

Floating polar bear and penguin bath toys
Two favourite floating bath toys (by Munchkin)

When she was little we had a lovely soft baby towel from Marks & Spencer, with a cute yellow chick design, and when she was wrapped in that she was warm and snuggly and less wriggly. But I noticed recently at 60cm square it’s getting a bit small and there’s always a limb sticking out. When it’s wrapped round her body the corners don’t quite reach to her feet to dry them, and she wants to get free and moving.

We also had a Tesco towel for swim classes which was great value at less than €10, and we got 12 months use out of it, but now it’s not quite as soft anymore and at 58cm square it is even smaller.

I also had a bit of success with a snuggly dressing gown, but getting her arms into that, only to have to take it off to put her pyjamas on, when all she wants to be doing is holding the shampoo bottle, seemed too much hassle.

Baby in white dressing gown in car seat
Wrapped up after a swim

Now she is mobile she doesn’t want to stay still to be dried and I’ve often chased a wet baby round the room, which is hilarious but I always worry she’ll slip or get cold.

I started searching for a larger towel but it was a bit like Goldilocks, the adult ones were a bit too big and the baby ones too small. The adult ones weren’t as soft or cute, and the baby ones were too young for a toddler. The quest was on… I visited pretty much every shop in town and searched online but I couldn’t find the perfect towel…until I ventured into towel heaven in The White Company.

Shop front
The White Company shop on Grafton Street

They have a baby towel that comes in two sizes, and the 90cm square one is perfect for a toddler. I can fully envelop her in it which makes drying her so much easier.

Teddy bear wrapped in white towel
Towel modeled by teddy

And oh, the softness! The first time I brought it home it was laid on the floor and she dived onto it and started rubbing her face on it. She spent ages just rolling on it, and to be honest I wanted to join in.

Baby sitting on floor with white towel on head
Little yoda all zen after bath

After her bath I wrapped her up and gave her a big cuddle and for the first time in ages there was no wriggling, and the drying process was actually as pleasant as the bath time.

They are not the cheapest towels, but a bit of fluffiness and the extra size majes all the difference. Now I just need to save up to get some for the adults too.

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