First rock pooling adventure

We found our first rock pool to explore this week. That feels like a milestone worth celebrating.

We’re lucky to live by the sea but the rock pools are usually a bit precarious to get too, and quite honestly usually a little boring as any creatures that might reside there are well hidden.

So I was really surprised when I spied a shallow pool right on the beach containing two anenomes and 6 snails.

My little girl also spotted them and was fascinated with the snails which were moving about, until quick as a flash she poked one before I could stop her, and it withdrew into it’s shell. She then picked one up and put it in the tentacles of an anenome, which seemed less than impressed and curled up. Belatedly I wondered if anenomes sting or bite (apparantly their mouth is also their ass) but she suffered no ill consequences and I hope it didn’t too.

At that point I figured we’d terrorised them enough and distracted her with a stone, but it gave me a bit of a glimpse hopefully of summers to come exploring the pools and learning to appreciate the sea creatures as something to appreciate without so much prodding.

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