Sleeping through the night

I’m almost afraid to write it in case I break the spell, but (whispers) I think my 17mo is finally sleeping though the night most nights. What miracle is this, how did we manage it? Well I think it was down to one simple change – she is now sleeping on her own in her own room.

Since she was born she has been in a room with me, first in a Snuzpod, then in a cot at the foot of the bed. I kept setting myself little goals for when I would leave my baby to sleep in her own room…

  • When she was 6 months
  • When she moved to a cot
  • When I went back to work
  • When she slept through the night

Somehow they all sailed by and I found myself still sharing a room with her. My husband made the transition but I was still there. I quite liked the sound of her breathing, but more importantly I thought she needed me close by when she woke for a cuddle and quick feed to help her get back to sleep.

In the end she was still waking up at least once, but I’d bought a play tent I thought she would really like and we didn’t have room for it downstairs, so that motivated me to finally make the break and rearrange her room and move out.

When I was pregnant I’d had both the bedrooms decorated, and decided that our old room was eventually going to be hers. When I came back from the hospital and she joined us in our room it was nice and familiar for me, but with a few added animal stickers for her. They were quick and easy to apply and a lovely pregnancy project. I also got some shelves from IKEA and a few prints to put on the walls so it is a nice colourful room, but nothing too difficult to do.

That meant when the time came instead of her having to move to unfamiliar surroundings it was me that moved to rejoin my husband. This made the transition very smooth.

I was worried I’d be up all night so I kept the bed there, but after a few wakeups she has settled in to sleeping through most nights. Obviously having me there was causing her to rouse rather than go back to sleep.

When she does wake it is easier for me and my husband to take turns comforting her, so I’m getting much better sleep.

It’s still not perfect and she tends to wake pretty early in the mornings, but she loves the tent, and I think having her own room suits her. I kind of wish I’d tried it a bit earlier.

She’s growing up so fast and sometimes I wish time would slow down a bit, but sleeping through the night is one milestone I’m delighted to meet.

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