First hair cut

The first hair cut for a little girl is a pretty special moment for her proud mama, and it is also important that it is a good experience so she isn’t put off going again.

My sister-in-law tells a great story (her funny delivery is brilliant) of anticipating that first hair cut, only to find out her husband had been trimming their little girls hair for weeks because he thought it was getting in her eyes. My husband was issued with dire warnings not to make this a family tradition.

My little girl wasn’t born with much hair and for her first year it didn’t grow a lot, but from 12 months onwards she started sprouting little blonde curls and a sweeping fringe that always gave her a slight windswept look, like she had just come in from an adventure.

Around 18 months I started trying to tame it with slides and bobbles, and she loved letting me style her hair. However she equally loved pulling the ties out and demanding I put them in again, so after 30 times doing her hair in about 10 minutes, I finally accepted I couldn’t keep sending her to creche with porridge in her fringe, and it was time to book a hair cut.

I thought about going to a local hair dressers but I was keen to make sure she enjoyed it, so I booked an appointment at a specialist kids hairdressers at a department store in the city centre. Unfortunately when we arrived the next day there was no sign of any staff and it transpired when we asked the place has ceased trading that morning, but they had no process in the store to notify customers or even put up a sign, which I thought was pretty poor.

Car seat chairs in children's salon
An empty salon with no sign off staff

I had heard of Kiddie Kuts in the Jervis Centre but had thought maybe it would be a little too hectic and loud. To be honest I had been a bit pit off by the website promoting ear piercings, and children’s parties and the rows of accessories and small toys for sale. However as we were nearby we decided to give it a try.

Toddler in pink car seat salon chair

When we arrived around lunchtime midweek there was only a couple of people ahead of us, so we were seen in about 10 minutes. Straight away my little girl was pointing at the fun chairs in the shapes of cars and aircraft, and was delighted to get into one, so that was a good start.

Toddler with wet hair getting trim

The hairdresser Helen said she had been cutting children’s hair for over 20 years and that experience really showed. She asked great questions about how best to approach it, and was adept at dodging either side of a moving head to trim the hair. I don’t think my girl even really realised what was going on. She was distracted by Peppa Pig on a screen and a rubber ball, and it was all done very quickly.

Toddler in car hair dressing seat

At the end she offered me advice on washing her hair and prepared a little certificate to commerate the first hair cut with a lock of hair in a bag, which is a nice keepsake.

There were lollies for older kids, and a balloon for my girl which she was delighted with. We went out for lunch after and she had great fun wacking me with it.


Overall it exceeded my expectations and was a great experience, so a disappointing start to the day was turned around. Best of all it only cost €12 and they have a loyalty card where every 8th hair cut is free, so I think we will definitely be back again, and if her hair keeps growing so fast it won’t be too long until the next visit.

For more infomation about the salon please see below (note we have no link or affiliation to the salon)…

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