Another trip to Llandudno

This is my favourite recent photo, because it shows my two favourite people at the same spot on the Great Orme just over a year apart.

Great Orme
Same spot a year apart on the Great Orme

Last year I wrote about how Llandudno is a great place to visit with a baby because of the long buggy friendly walks along the premenade and round the Great Orme.

This year when our toddler was 18 months old it was even better because she is so much more aware of everything. As we walked the Great Orme she was pointing out all the sheep and birds.

This time we also went up to the top on the light railway unencumbered by the pram. The views were stunning, and she liked the choo choo ride, but it was a bit too windy to stay up there long. If you are going with a toddler I would recommend going early in the day, because late on the queues of people coming back down can mean hanging around a bit.

Great Orme Railway carriage
Great Orme Railway

Another choo choo she loved pointing to was the little land train that connects the two beaches. We were lucky that our hotel room had great views over the promenade and she could watch the little train and cars and that was probably her highlight.

Hotel Belmont view of promenade
Loving the hotel view

The Hotel Belmont is perfectly positioned and the room was lovely, with great breakfasts. The only downside was the lack of parking which is a problem for most Llandudno hotels. My tip here is to arrive later as day trippers are leaving, and you might get a space right outside.

Little girl sitting in big bed
Big comy bed

The hotel was also perfectly positioned for the pier. This wasn’t as much fun as last year because my toddler wanted to walk and be independent but kept running off, so it wasn’t very relaxing. She’s at that in between age where she’s too small to go on the rides, but wants to explore everything. Still she liked all the noises and sounds.

Little girl looking over pier towards promenade
View from the pier

The oldest Punch and Judy show is also still performing on the promenade. I’d forgotten how violent is is, but the kids were entranced. My little girl didn’t have the attention for a whole show and soon spotted the other kid’s icecreams but it was fun for a short while.

There’s some good places to eat in Llandudno. Last year we liked Wildwood, but this year they had a 45 minute wait for a table at 5pm midweek. We went across the road to Harvey’s New York Bar and Grill and even though it was busy the service was excellent. It was the most family friendly place we have eaten, with high chairs, colouring and little jokes for children. They even spelt out desserts when offering them so little ears didn’t get expectations.

The weather was a bit changeable so it wasn’t quite warm enough to try the paddling pool, but there’s lots of nice cafes to shelter from the rain with some cake.

Toddler in raincoat on beach steps
A bit windswept

I overheard a man telling his partner why he liked Llandudno and it summed up how I feel about it. He said it’s got lots to do, but “everything is in its place”. What he meant was the shops are all in one area and the amusements are all located along the pier – so the sea front remains uncluttered and traditional. For me the highlight is having the Great Orme to escape the crowds and appreciate th natural beauty.

Last year I wrote it was a good place to visit with a baby. This year we had another great trip with a toddler. I’ve gt a feeling we will be back again at one point.

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