What’s in your school bag?

Of all the milestones your hear about, I never expected first school bag to be significant. However my little girl has started taking her first school bag to creche and it makes her seem so much more grown up.

When creche first asked me to start sending her in with a bag I was a bit confused, because what does a 19 month old need to carry? However they explained it is about getting them used to having one in preparation for school days. It is also kind of useful for spare clothes because there’s not many days go by without a water spillage.

I was skeptical because I thought I’d end up carrying it, but when I showed her the Peppa Pig bag her granny had bought for her, she gave it a great big hug.

Now everyday she insists on either carrying it or wearing it, even though it’s almost as big as her (but only very lightweight). Most mornings she has it lined up by the front door herself ready to go, and at weekends if we go out without it she looks very confused.

The funny thing is it gives a real insight into what is important to her on any given day. She often opens it and unpacks it, then repacks it with what she wants to take.

Spare clothes aren’t high on her list of important priorities.

This morning it was a cup of water (luckily one with a lid on), a blue rubber duck, one sock and a hairbrush.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s items will be…after all I’ve got years and years of school bags to come, and a rubber duck is much more fun than homework.

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