New sofa for jumping

Sofa shopping with a toddler is fun, if you like an adrenalin rush as they run off down the aisles to climb on a coffee table. I’d never realised how many glass and marble tables there are artfully arranged with breakable vases in furniture shops until now. My little girl wanted to climb on everything, expect when we saw a sofa we liked and then she had zero interest in sitting on it to try it out.

On the day the sofas arrived they were installed quickly and looked great. As advertised I could move them into position effortlessly as if they were zero weight.

Eventually we found a sofa we liked with the right dimensions in DFS, and then came the sales questions we half listened to whilst trying to stop her running off. The first optional extra was fabric/stain protection. With a sticky hands “I spill it” prone toddler that was a no brainer. The second was easy glide Teflon castors for the feet that make the sofa easier to move without scratching a wooden floor. I opted in for these as I figured it would make it easier to retrieve lost toys.

New sofas in place (DFS, Zinc range)

However they were so easy to move that it took my toddler less than an hour to realise she could move them too. Suddenly our new sofa was gliding across the floor.

She never showed any interest in jumping on the old sofas, but the new ones are like an instant toddler climbing frame. “I’m jumping” she says gleefully flinging herself with abandon across the cushions. My husband and I exchanged nervous looks as the thoughts of injuries flashed through our heads.

She also quickly discovered she can push the sofa up against the coffee table and climb on it to clambour up and over the sofa back for the full tumble effect, as my heart jumps into my throat.

When we suggested this maybe wasn’t a good idea she smiled at us sweetly, considered the suggestion then shook her head and shouted “again!” Then when we insisted she got most upset.

We’ve only had the new sofas a few days so hopefully the novelty will wear off, or she’ll start listening to us saying no before she has an accident. Otherwise the fabulous easy glides might have to come off again. That won’t stop the jumping, but the extra hazard of the sofa moving unexpectedly from under her will be reduced, which will make me feel better.

Enjoying the new vantage point

In the meantime I’m just going to sit on my new sofa and relax and enjoy that new sofa smell, and watch her discovering the joys of sofa jumping.