Negotiating like a toddler

I’m not great at negotiating, I tend to feel bad asking outright what I want and shy away from difficult conversations. This isn’t a problem toddlers have! So I’ve been watching my two year old’s strategies and here is how to negotiate like a toddler….

Tip 1 – Ask for something more outrageous than the thing you want so your actual request seems more reasonable in comparison.

Her: Biscuit please!

Me: No, how about an orange?

Her: OK icecream

Me: Here’s a biscuit

Tip 2 – Persistence is key (this works especially well if the person is distracted)

Her: More strawberries

Me: It’s nearly dinner time

Her: More strawberries

Me: You’ve had 3 bowls already

Her: More strawberries

Me: OK more strawberries

Tip 3 – Anticipate all possible options and rule them out before the person can suggest them

Me: Shall we go for a walk?

Her: Yes, no car seat, no pram, no coat, no pants

Me: OK we’re going for a walk round the block in a princess dress

Tip 4 – Never be afraid to say no, you don’t need to give an explanation just say if you don’t want to do something

So lately I’ve been trying a few of these tips out. I’ve been a bit more polite than a two year old, but I’ve asked for what I want and I’ve said no to meetings that don’t suit me, and it feels great. I wonder what else I could learn from her?

2 thoughts on “Negotiating like a toddler

  1. They are forces of nature aren’t they? My two year old has taken to shouting “Naughty Mammy, I not happy with you!” when her negotiating strategy fails to achieve her goals.

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