Likes and dislikes of a 2.5 year old

I haven’t done a post like this for ages, but back when I was on maternity leave I really enjoyed recording the changing likes and dislikes of my baby, which gave a real insight into her developing character.

Last post…

Back then I had to pretty much guess what she liked from a smile or a gesture, but now she can tell me exactly what she likes and even gives an enthusiastic thumbs up to something she really likes.

Toddler giving thumbs up to camera
Thumbs up

She also is not shy about telling me what she doesn’t like, and no is an often heard word. If you suggest leaving the house she often agrees with caveats of “no pram, no car, no coat” before you’ve even taken a breath.

What is completely delicious (thanks to my friend for teaching her that word) one day can equally be yucky the next day, so there’s still some guesswork involved.

What I can tell about her personality from her likes and dislikes is that she’s an independent, dramatic, cheeky, funny, girly and I’m so proud of her.


  • Strawberries
  • Shopping (an early fan of Penneys)
  • Icecream
  • Sunday roast beef dinners
  • The colour purple
  • Wearing dresses (the pinker the better)
  • Moana
  • Octonaughts (complete with pirate impressions)
  • Collecting rocks (apologies to any neighbours missing any from their front gardens)
  • Playing hide and seek
Toddler holding big icecream in front of face
Eat it quick before it melts


  • Wearing trousers or socks
  • Going to bed
  • Hair washing
  • Me wearing my hair up

Favourite toys

Her favourite toys right now aren’t actually toys, she likes raiding the kitchen cupboards and arranging the tupperware out, then filling it with rocks, coins and buttons. Other than that favourite toys are:

  • A ball to kick
  • Dolly
  • Meow meow and cat (two seperate toys but if I call them by the wrong name I get a disappointed look)
  • A stuffed bunny
Toddler taking stuffed bunny for trike ride
Bunny going for a ride

Favourite books:

  • Peace at Last by Jill Murphy
  • Hippo Has a Hat by Julia Donaldson & Nick Sharratt
  • Colours with a Ladybird
  • Beware of the Bears! by Alan Mcdonald & Gwyneth Williamson
Favourite books

Favourite moments:

My favourite moment every day is when she first wakes up, and either comes into our bed, or has already been there several hours. She snuggles into me and rubs her nose against mine and its great to have that before the madness of the day starts.

Highlights of last few months:

It’s been such a strange couple of months, trying to work from home and spend quality time with my daughter, and things like this blog have definitely fallen by the wayside. But my favourite moments have been walks with my daughter, there’s something so joyful about seeing her running and skipping.

Another highlight was our family holiday to Galway. It really made me appreciate that toddlers don’t need to be doing lots of organised activities, something as simple as walking along a wall or playing on a beach is magical to them.

Daddy and toddler paddling in the sea
Gurteen Bay beach

Things to look forward to:

It’s hard to say what the future will bring, but we definitely have potty training to look forward to (or dread) in the very near future.

I’m really looking forwards to Halloween and Christmas this year as she will be so much aware of what is going on, but Covid could have an impact, so it could all be a bit more subdued this year – just fingers crossed we can spend some quality time with family.

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