The likes and dislikes of a 5 month old baby

My baby girl is 5 months old and continues to amaze me. A year ago she was a secret in my tummy and now I’m so proud to show her off to people. The last month has seen some great physical developments, but she’s also really starting to get her own distinct personality. She can laugh and giggle when happy and frown and yell with displeasure. Last week she was holding hands with another baby in swim class which was so sweet. Therefore now seems a good time to start a regular monthly blog feature recording her current likes and dislikes, so I can see how they change, but hopefully some other people might enjoy them too.


  • Mummy singing (out of tune and badly but she doesn’t mind)
  • Noisy kisses from Daddy
  • Tummy tickles
  • Watching laundry getting hung up
  • Getting dried after a bath (still unbothered by the actual bath)
  • Playing with feet


Luckily she is a very chilled baby and doesn’t have many dislikes yet. Even things that I think would upset her like the fire alarm going off when we burn breakfast she just takes in her stride.

  • Sun shining in face
  • Late lie-ins (she’s an early riser like her Dad)

Current favourite toys:

  • Crinkly square (made by Nana)
  • Lamaze pig – she loves trying to shove his bottom in her mouth
  • Mamas & Papas rabbit rattle – the well sucked ears are in need of a wash
  • Rainbow sensory ribbons (also made by Nan

My favourite moments with her:

  • Blowing bubbles in swim class which makes her laugh
  • When she first wakes in a morning and sees me or Daddy and smiles and holds her arms out to be picked up

Highlights of last month:

This month had seen so many physical developments (see ). She’s holding her head up well and rolling over. You can tell from the leg kicks she’s keen to get moving!

Her personality is also developing fast. She no longer just bats at her toys or plays with whichever is closest. She actively seeks out one she wants depending on her mood.

She is a very inquisitive baby, always looking around any surroundings at everything.

We had our first family holiday (see ) which was a lot of fun.

There’s also been a heatwave so I’ve really enjoyed laying her out on a blanket to kick her legs without too any layers of clothes o restrict her. She loves looking around at the grass and sky.

Next month:

This is going to be a big month with lots of changes:

  • Moving from co-sleeper to big cot
  • Switching from pram to buggy
  • Starting weaning to solids
  • Going up a clothes size to 6-9 months. This is exciting looking at all the lovely gifts of pretty clothes people have bought her, but also sad she’ll no longer get to wear some of the outfits I’ve loved her in.

I can’t wait to write this post next month and see all the changes!

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