Post pregnancy bra shopping

This weekend I finally had to throw out a load of old bras I hadn’t worn in nearly two years. No big deal!? Except it meant I had to admit my boobs now will never be the same as they were before I had a baby.

Bras on a line on mountain side

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

For two years I’ve been wearing stretchy tank top maternity and nursing bras. They’re comfy and practical, and that’s important. When your boobs can change size overnight and from one feed to the next, stretchiness is key, but now they’ve been worn so much they’ve started to lose their elasticity.

Cartoon of support bras saying supportive things

Image from

Looking back at all the colourful bras I used to wear was a reminder nursing bras don’t exactly feel stylish or attractive. I’d been hanging onto the old bras thinking I’d spring back into shape and back into them, but that hasn’t happened. So I decided it was time to invest in a few new pretty bras and embrace my new shape.

Even after having countless midwives look at my boobs I still didn’t fancy the awkwardness of a shop fitting. I know they always say get measured, but it’s not something I enjoy. Instead I calculated my size on the Boob or Bust website, which takes into account a few extra measurements compared to most shop fitters, so has a lot of fans.

The measurement came back with a smaller band size and bigger cup than I expected so armed with this information I stepped confidently into the M&S lingerie section.

Within minutes I was bewildered by all the different styles. Minimisers and maximisers. Full cup, half cup or balcony. Why can’t the names reflect reality a bit more? – big boobs with minimum bounce – that’s a description I would understand.

Previously, before the stretchy bland bras, I’d always worn an underwired balcony but what would suit me now?

Photo from NickMom on Pinterest

Armed with about half the shop I headed for the changing rooms. The first one made me look like I was auditioning for a Carry On movie as a busty nurse. The second made be look like my boobs were in a competition to reach my knees. I was feeling like giving up, but finally I found a few that didn’t look half bad.

I finally settled on an underwired t-shirt bra that was soft and gave a bit of lift. The band was a size bigger and the cup a size smaller than the Boob or Bust measurement but it passed the fit test:

  • About 1inch (2 fingers) give in the strap on middle clasp
  • No boob overhanging at the sides or top
  • Not too much wiggle on jumping (this is my own test but I bet every one does it)

After a couple of wireless years the underwire didn’t dig in or feel strange, and a bit of lift made me feel a million times better. I found myself walking straighter and feeling a bit more confident again.

If you want a little lift (no pun intended) a new bra can be a great pick me up, especially if you haven’t been measured in a while. My boobs might not be exactly the same as they were before I had a baby but that’s because they’ve been doing amazing things, and it doesn’t mean I can’t still wear pretty bras and feel nice.

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